One More Record with Alkalino and Sleazy McQueen

Lisbon bred, Munich based Lino Rodrigues, aka Alkalino, began DJing in 1988. Over two and a half decades later, he finds himself making his North American debut on a tour that hits three heavyweight US cities with major club music legacies: Detroit, Chicago, and Philly. Generous with his edits and with originals/remixes covering a range of different styles, Alkalino is the allusive workhorse in many DJ’s sets, receiving support from key players in the disco and house world, names like Osunlade and Moodymann.

The tour makes one of its stops in Orlando at Sandwich Bar. Lino’s history and deeper understanding of how to program a night across genres for a cross generational dance floor is exactly what we’re about at Open House Conspiracy. Expect a blend of the D’s techno, Chi-town’s house, and the City of Brotherly Love’s soul, amongst other sounds.

To round things off we asked Whiskey Disco owner and O-town local, Sleazy McQueen, to provide support for the evening. It’s only right that the two be paired for this special night celebrating an established Orlando label with international reach. Get to know Lino better and hear Laurin weigh in on his imprint in the following interview.

Alkalino DJing
Alkalino at a gig in Belgium.

Is there any greater meaning to Alkalino aside from phonetically making sense to combine alkaline and your first name, Lino.

Lino: There are a lot of possibilities one can use my first name on: Cicciolino, masculino, felino, violino… Alkalino was one of them.

You started mixing with records in the late 80s. Can you explain what it is today’s clubbers born around that same time missed and might not understand?

You had to carry weight. Now I carry usb sticks, still I buy OLD soul/disco/house records whenever I come across them.

You’re like the Fort Knox of edits. Are there any gems you’re still sitting on?

I’m working on a vinyl release with three reworks of mine and one of Rayko’s.

We’ve noticed a few of your industrial dance and new beat edits, there was a thriving scene for that music in Orlando and throughout Florida in the late ’80s. What was the environment like for that music in Germany back when it was coming out and was it an influential period for you?

That was probably the most influential period for me because it was the middle ’80s when I started to buy records and I was dressing dark.

You take more music to a gig than the average person even owns. How do you manage this?

I have a full spectrum of music I like; I can play at one party soul, funk, and disco and at another party house, techno, and electro (breaks/funk not that other thing they mistakenly call it) — all on my 64GB usb stick which weighs two grams — life is good!

Why did you move from the port city of Lisbon inland to the landlocked Munich, was it global warming speculation and the doom of impending sea level rise?

It was a blonde girl.

You’ve released on Sleazy McQueen’s Orlando based Whiskey Disco. How did you first connect and what does this mean for the night?

I’ve never had the chance to meet Laurin (Sleazy McQueen), but we’ve had exchanges over email and chat, and he always seemed a very nice chap with similar tastes in all things disco. I’m looking forward to finally hang and play with him!

The seven wonders of the music world, go.

Gil Scott-Heron, Arthur Russell, U.R., Juan Atkins, Basic Channel, Ron Hardy, and Aphex Twin

You just finished this interview, what are you going to do?

Go to sleep in a while and then catch a plane to Philly.

Note: he was supposed to say “I’m going to Disney World!”

Sleazy McQueen Desert
Sleazy McQueen, one man in a disco desert.

What’s the age of the label and why did you feel the need to do your own distilling?

Laurin: Whiskey Disco is on its 21st vinyl release. I’ve been procuring music for the label since I stopped doing an eponymous monthly event at Sky Sixty in 2009. A friend called me up and nonchalantly asked if I wanted to “press some of those edits that I had been making.” Some of the rare releases fetch up to $40 online, by all accounts, the label is a success.

What does being able to play host on the night to an artist from your roster mean to you?

One of the best things about Whiskey Disco is that I’ve been able to connect with so many artists that I love. I’ve had opportunities to meet people and travel around the world playing alongside people on my roster. This will be the second time I’ve been able to host someone on Whiskey Disco in Orlando. I’m thrilled at the possibility and I hope we can get the pieces to align in the future and bring more Whiskey Disco artists to The City Beautiful — it would be great to remind people that Orlando has more to offer than the attractions.

Austen van der Bleek

"The problem is that bad writers tend to have the self-confidence, while the good ones tend to have self-doubt.” — Charles Bukowski... Is Austen a good writer? It’s doubtful. As a DJ he’s been described as “too young to be this deep.” You can find him performing around Florida and representing for Open House Conspiracy.

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